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Iain G Foulds wrote:

... Both cameras in Raw, with a Neutral setting (if that matters in Raw),

If the color profile is Adobe Neutral (or any of the Adobe profiles) then it will have a large tendency to negate any inherent color differences between the D40 and D5500. If you use Nikon's own Picture Controls then you actually see more of the true color differences with the two bodies. Use of the Adobe Camera Neutral usually also preserves the dif more, but if memory serves...the Adobe Camera profiles for the D40 were always a bit further from true than we see with their latest camera profiles, IMO.

... Possible the images are just as they look.

When I equalize the exposure I see very little color dif ...makes me think you're just seeing the color profile bias in this case. Just not what I'm used to seeing with the D40 of old. More like two shots of the same camera here with maybe an exposure difference or a tiny slider tweak on to the other. Maybe just compare OOC Jpeg with the Standard Picture Control to get a better idea of the comparison. D40 and D5500 are pretty close in hue and saturation...but should show more dif than we see here IMO. Or my memory is failing

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