If you were starting a brand new camera company...

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Re: If you were starting a brand new camera company...

patricksmith32 wrote:

Crazy thing is my friends step-dad did this, he created RED. Everyone thought he was crazy and it wouldn’t work out. It almost didn’t at first and sure he’s had some failures, but overall he did really well. Jim always loved photography and it made sense to me, although I would have thought he’d start a stills camera company.

RED produces some amazing and cutting edge products.

One of my favorite photographers shoots red - yes I said photographers. He used the 4k resolution - which at the time was huge - and took stills from it.

I discuss it here.


Pretty sure he was a RED ambassador or whatever because he was shooting for major magazines with the camera and talked about it a lot.

He’s always been a big fan of Leica and Canon. He owns a Canon 1200mm f5.6 L that sits in his house pointed at the ocean. He bought it because he could and to use for surf photography at spots where the waves break far away from shore, etc. It was really cool to see that lens in person, I think only about 20-25 exist, but wow what a cool lens! It’s massive!

Anyways I think I’d buy Nikon and try and turn it around, over starting my own company. I would attempt to hire a large team of people whose sole job was to research what the customers wanted. Everything from reading message boards like this, reviews, talking to NPS members, etc. I would add flip/selfie screens to future mirrorless models for the video/YouTube community and countless other things people have been asking for. I would make sure every future camera has either dual UHS II or dual CFExpress cards, vertical grip options, etc. Basically I would fix everything that’s currently wrong with Nikon. I would also start adding major firmware upgrades to all cameras current up to 5 years old. Nikon only does this with the Z cameras, but they forget about their majority customer base. It’s could go on forever, but you get the point. I’d also add a cinema team and cinema line to the products offered to compete with Canon and Sony!

That's an interesting approach.

If I ran Nikon I'd concentrate on the strategy that's worked so well for them in the past. Launch the flagship with all the bells and whistles and then the downscale version that inherits some of the features and tech. Both for their cameras and lenses.

Canon and Nikon have launched some flagship lenses, but not (yet) camera bodies.

Photographers need to know their potential upgrade path to invest in a system.

Canon has done this better than Nikon - their 50mm f/1.2 and 85mm f/1.2 lenses are aspirational lenses that make it worth buying into the system at a lower price point.

Nikons 58mm f/0.95 is perhaps a bit too aspirational, and isn't part of the typical lens trinity (35 / 50 / 85), nor one of the wider or longer focal lengths. I don't imagine myself upgrading to a 58mm f/0.95 any time soon.

Even Sigma with their huge 100mm f/1.4 makes more sense than a 58mm f/0.95 as a lens that may belong in someone's kit one day.

So - trinity of aspirational primes. Flagship camera - you've got the entry level ones out of the way, now get the flagship.

That's where I would put my focus if I were Nikon.

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