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Re: This is all excuses

Wu Jiaqiu wrote:

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olympus is a pretty known brand in Cameras if they let that fall that’s kot the markets responsibility

Maybe in Japan, but everywhere else, you would likely never hear Olympus mentioned if you asked people to mention camera brands. Definitely not anywhere close to a household name like Canon and Nikon is.

In the USA Olympus is reasonably recognizable. You gotta ask why a key store in San Jose decided to stop carrying all their products almost two years ago.

At any rate, this is all excuses (the OP) to make for what happened. Many factors contributed, and I just find it side-tracking to make excuses for Olympus.

If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can understand it. I am the only person who carries Olympus most of the time I walk around taking photos. If it's another Olympus user, it's most likely they speak with an European accent. People here buy whatever Costco has available, mow the lawn with the same brand of lawnmower as Jones's. Nobody is confident enough to be different. The hippie, class-less, and friendly Bay Area is long dead. It's fairly difficult to be greeted by an everyday millionaire randomly walking down the street, being asked why you're carrying Olympus camera, what makes it work for you with listening ears and open mindedness. The world has become snotty like New York. People have become more insecure about themselves. It's really not San Francisco anymore.

I think I know which camera shop in San Jose you're talking about, but long before that, another camera company in the bay area which went bankrupt also didn't carry Olympus. Only recently Best Buy begins to carry Fuji, and only in select stores. Most stores don't want to take risk, so they stock whatever the locals buy, which sadly is Canon and Nikon, and occasionally Sony. None of which interested me. Sometimes you have to make them know if it's not the camera you want, you will walk out and buy it online. You don't want to be swayed to another brand that doesn't meet your shooting habits and philosophy. But then you also have to concern about mom and pop stores being harder to compete with the online giants as inventory carrying cost can be too high for them. But the irony is, the less daring they are with inventory selection, the less competative advantage they have with the no-service online stores.

what the hell is a European accent lol

American English with European accent.

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