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Re: Funniest thing is Canon isn’t the only one...

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That is now of course in current market conditions. But Canon had a long history with cripple hammering that did not result in any disruption to their sales.

That was one of the reasons I didn't continue with Canon. You had to pay much more to have some extra feature like more AF points or decent AF while others had it in their cheaper cameras also. They crippled cameras even if it wouldn't cost them anything to include a feature.

But that's a false outlook, in my opinion. The value of the product is in the features and performance, not whether it costs the manufacture more or not to make it available.

You want higher performance or more features, you have to pay for it,. and it works for the manufacturer, at least for Canon even though Canon was roundly criticized for their "crippled" models, they laughed all the way to the bank because it didn't make a whit of difference to the majority of the buying public.

That downgrades entry level models look at epl9/10

Of course, lessor features/performance for entry models. The point is that expecting any company to put the best features into a lower priced model is just an unrealistic fantasy.

Except that - 1 Proves the point there's no small semi pro pro body. and 2. some companies do put latest stuff in their more entry level models of that line. For example. the Fuji Xt30 has the same sensor of the XT3/XT4- same image quality.

So no, no fantasy. Apparently the fantasy was expecting Olympus to be able to continue going after so many loses in imaging. That's what I call fantasy.

Yes, Nikon, Sony and Fuji put some good feature in cameras that weren't absolutely top of the line, making mid range cameras pretty much usable for many photography tasks.

Of course, upper level cameras are better and have more features.

Here I can criticize Olympus for not putting PDAF for years in anything but it's top of the line camera. When they could have done it with ease.

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