Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

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Re: Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

Ned88 wrote:

Tony Bologna wrote:

I could start by listing cameras made during the 1990s but it would be helpful (help us help you) if you could list a few more details.

That would be interesting. I was kind of hoping there would be something obscure and cheap, not easily discoverable. I only want to do long exposure to capture shadows on a wall, a dimly lit backyard, 6' to 20' distance. No zoom needed. I suspect 30 seconds will be enough. But, I'd like to have the ability to hold the shutter open too, for longer exposures. Photos won't be printed. (No other requirements, like time lapse, nor remote. Although, I understand I would need a remote of some type to hold the shutter down without touching the camera. But, I'd be right there at the camera.).

In the absence of something cheap (like an old 90s camera), I'd probably go with the Panazonic FZ1000 mentioned by @PhotoTeach2 . I foster dogs and use pocket point-n-shoot cameras. If I invested in a larger/better camera, the silent operation of the FZ1000 would be beneficial. (My pocket cameras don't have any long-exposure ability. Just +2 exposure compensation. They are Sony DSC-WX220 & 350, and Cannon SX620. That last one has a lot of features. Maybe I overlooked it. But, I don't think it has the kind of long/manual shutter I need.).

If you take a 30 second exposure of a shadow, what effect do you get?

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