I’m still not sure how to proceed!!

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Re: I’m still not sure how to proceed!!

Ad12 wrote:

I love my xt30. 18-55, and arriving soon is the 10-24, super excited. For travel, European cities, architecture, landscapes , very excited’!

my other passion is wildlife photography and birds. I use my 800d and Tamron 100-400. I was planning to keep it alongside my xt30. But the more I use my Fuji the more the rebel DSLR annoys me with the no direct controls!

I can not afford a Fuji 100-400, probably ever. And I feel it wouldn’t fit my xt30. I thought about teasing my 800d for an 80d, but I dunno about the DSLR anymore, I love Evf and the information.

ive narrowed my wildlife bird options down to the following;

- keep 800d and Tamron 100-400. Had amazing results, just frustrating me now to use the rebel

- trade rebel for used 80d, more controls, custom functions, bigger VF, tracking customisation

- I can buy a fringer adaptor and try the Tamron on the xt30 but the size and battery and lack of WR won’t help long days of wildlife shooting

- I got a quote from MPB- I can trade my 50mm, 10-18, 17-50,55-250, and rebel, pay £60, and get a like new XT3. Get a fringer, and have xt3 fringer and Tamron 100-400. But I’m unsure if an xt3 makes my xt30 redundant. But really, I want a two body solution like now. Big camera big lens, then small camera wider lenses

thoughts? I’m very confused. But love shooting my xt30. Two systems or one?

I think you have it figured out.  You like the Fuji ergo and small mass for your travel and family shooting but want to shoot birds/wildlife/action and can't afford the 100-400.  So that kills Fuji for that part of your passion because you can't get the 100-400.

So right now you should go two systems for a while.  You can go Canon APSC DSLR 80d (a nice little camera) with some cheaper longer glass for birds/wildlife and get some good used deals in that fading arena.  You can pick up some long glass both EF-S and EF (or even L) cheap now.  I see long Canon glass (even L) that is one-third the price I used to pay for it.

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