So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you?

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Re: Sadly, needed in m4/3 for me

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Carol T wrote:

to get the DOF I want at the focal lengths I most often use, 17 (~35), 25 (~50), and 43 (~85) mm. I usually use the 75/1.8 wide open, too, as I am often using at some distance.

When I shot 35mm format, I used f/1.8 primes (mostly at 50 and 85) and could stop down a bit, usually f/4, which I liked because it made the lenses sharper and at flash sync speed it pretty well killed the ambient light so I could keep the room lights on but didn't get mixed lighting.

I wish I could stop down m4/3 lenses at the focal lengths I use smaller than wide open, because pretty much all the lenses I use, like most lenses across formats, have higher resolution and more even resolution across the frame when stopped down a couple stops (there is an Olympus zoom that I think is sharpest wide open at 2.8, but that is pretty unusual).

I do stop down to f/2.8 or f/4 sometimes, but not that often. The exception is with macro; I took a couple pics today with the 60/2.8 and had to stop down to f/5.6. That still didn't get me the DOF I wanted, but the pic was already pretty dark anyhow and at lower shutter speed than I wanted, as I was handholding and the wind was blowing my target. I could have dragged out my tripod and macro rail, and done a focus bracket and focus stacking, but for what I needed (practical info for something, not art), it wound up being good enough.

"To get the DOF I want" seems to be something of a minority approach here. I get the impression that some just centre the meter and whatever the DOf the get is it, whilst others just set f/16 (on their f/1.2 lens) so that everything from the end of their rather small **** to infinity is within the DOF.


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