Serious Question about other Formats vis a vis M43 so can We keep our pants zipped?

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Re: Serious Question about other Formats vis a vis M43 so can We keep our pants zipped?

I think you need to try FF to see for yourself. I have a Sony kit to complement my Olympus gear. I like it but it is bigger and more expensive for the most part. Is it worth it? For me it is, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be to keep my MFT kit since there is such versatility. The OMD EM1 MKii with the 12-100 attached is just an incredible image machine. You mentioned the PL 8-18 and I would highly recommend it. I sold my Olympus 7-14 to get it with no regrets. I would recommend a Voigtlander lens or two for your MFT body. My eyes are not so great either so I have a button dedicated to magnification and peaking which makes manual focus easy. The images I get with my Voigtlander’s are magical IMHO. Using Voigtlander on Sony gives you automatic magnification and peaking since they have electric contacts, this is one of my favorite features of Sony and native MF lenses for Sony (Voigtlander and Loxia).

I had FF curiosity which is why I bought a used A7Rii and then upgraded to the A7Riv when I got an incredible deal on one. I enjoy it but it is not as easy to carry as MFT. In the trunk of a car is another matter and certainly worth trying. I would recommend giving a used Sony A7Riii a try. I didn’t like the A7Rii, it was too slow for me in operation but they can be found under $1000 used. The reason I recommend Sony for a try is the number of lens options, something for everyone and getting to be as good as the choice for MFT. I buy many of my stuff used on Fred Miranda, a lot of mint stuff at great prices. Well worth looking at.

Back to my original comment, I think you have to give it a try to see if it works for you. Image quality is better, but certainly not mind blowing. I look at some of the images produced by true Pros using MFT and I can clearly see that my Olympus bodies are well beyond my skill level 🤣

Keep posting, your posts always give me a smile 👍🏻

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