Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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You have to be careful with the DPR photos, as they started discoloring with age.

From the A7RIV review :

Please note that since it was originally printed, the portraits on our test chart have faded. As such, they should not be used to draw comparisons between the color output of different cameras. We are aware of the issue and we are working on a solution.

Sure, but look at the this: A9II vs. a6400. Images taken not too far apart. ACR JPEGS, OOC JPEG much better

Again, the obvious answer is that the DPReview photos were messed up for a while and then got replaced.

If you look at below, you're saying that Sony screwed up color just for the A6400 series and A7RIV and then fixed it for the A9ii?

But wait, it looks like Canon screwed up their color in all cameras released at the same time in the same way!

And look; Panasonic screwed up their colors in the exact same way at the exact same time!

Again, if you're experiencing unique color issues that other people don't have with your RAW processing workflow, I would recommend fixing the RAW workflow by updating software instead of telling everyone that the cameras are bad.  It's like putting normal gas in a Ford F150 diesel and then complaining that it's less reliable than a Ford Fiesta.

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