How does Windows monitor calibration work? x-rite i1 Profiler

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Re: How does Windows monitor calibration work? x-rite i1 Profiler

Simon Garrett wrote:

Vunite wrote:

Now I wonder about a few things:

1. If it alters my monitor directly,

It doesn't, unless the monitor has internal LUTs, and using proprietary software.

Actually there is the Automatic Display Control (ADC) technology which does theoretically allow software to "drive" some of the basic monitor settings. From what I've read over the years, however, this has a reputation for being quite unreliable even for monitors and display connection types that are supposed to support it.

The consensus seems to be to disable the feature if it's present and just assume you'll be manually making monitor adjustments as prompted by the calibration software. Perhaps in Vunite's case the planets aligned and ADC actually did make adjustments?

Disabling ADC in i1Profiler can be seen at 9:18 in this video:

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