Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

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Re: Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

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I picked up a Oly Pro 45mm f1.2 and its the finest lens I have ever owned.

( the Oly 75MM being a half step down)

from an optical engineering perspective they seem to be the most advanced on the market with features such as "feathered" bokeh on the 45 - worlds largest Dual-Sided Aspherical element on the 17 and a 19 lens elements in 14 groups most complex prime 25mm f1.2

what do you think ?

No they aren't. Even the economy lenses from some other brands outresolve them, and do it in smaller packages at lower expense.

Please enlighten us. Which company and which lenses ?

The real question is which economy FF lenses don't. Still, one example, according to Lenstip:

Olympus 25/1.2:

Wide open - centre 570 lp/ph, edge 526 lp/ph

Peak (at f/4) - centre 795 lp/ph, edge 634 lp/ph

Sony 50/1.8 FE (their most basic)

Wide open (same aperture as a 25mm would have at f/0.9) - 795 lp/ph, edge 623 lp/ph.

At same aperture as 25mm at f/1.2 (i.e. wide open) - centre 1032 lp/ph, edge 731 lp/ph.

Peak (at f/4, same aperture as 25mm at f/2) - centre 1440 lp/ph, edge 838 lp/ph.

As for 'feathered bokeh', it doesn't have any feathers, but no onions, either.

My 100mm f/2.8 EF canon macro (the non L version) lens is cheap and is sharper than my olympus 60mm macro. But the oly is weather sealed and has a much faster AF.

Sure, but many FF lenses much cheaper than the Olympus are weather sealed and have fast AF. You don't expect a macro to have fast AF, in any case.

I get the opposite impression from Lenstip...

Sony 50mm 1.8 FE Decency level 38/40lpmm (fail at edges until f4.0 and marginal in centre wide open)

Olympus 25 Pro f1.2 Decency level 44/45lpmm (comfortable pass)

Well 'impressions' are treacherous things. You need to do the work, translate those graphs into lp/ph, because that is what you'll actually see in the photo you look at. lp/mm on the sensor is of academic interest only.

The Lenstip reviewer's opinion on 'decency' is completely irrelevant to the facts of the matter.

So comments like "Good image quality on the edge of the frame" fully acceptable from maximum aperture, for the Oly Pro, vs "Image quality near the maximum relative aperture near the edge of the frame could have been a bit better", (in the "Cons" as well), for the Sony, are not relating to the actual images produced?

They are opinions, not facts. There's no point having quantitative, objective measures if you're thing going to say that they are trumped by opinions when it suits you. The fact is that according to the commonly accepted metric for resolution, the Sony produces more resolution across the board than the Olympus.

It's simple. The reviewer is holding the Olympus to a lower standard, because he doesn't expect it to be as good.

So am I to believe that if I want professionally, fully sharp edges in a wedding group portrait, for say a 8x10" I hand out, the Sony lens and FF body will sharper than my Oly kit if both lenses are used wide open?

Yes. That's what the MTF figures show. Every site that does quantitative measures shows the same thing.

Could Lenstip say "whilst this Sony lens "could have been a bit better" as in our image quality summary, and we rate it below our "decency" level, you will get better (sharper) results than the Oly kit"... and repeat in the Oly Pro lens wrap up, "whilst we say the images are sharp in our summary and it scores above our decency levels, you will get sharper results with the Sony kit"?



The Lenstip reviewer can say whatever he likes. It's the measurements that are definitive.

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