Dangers of buying on Amazon!

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here's how Amazon works

People are very confused about mail order. Amazon isn't your local rural store where the products are hand selected and inspected before cheerfully being shipped. Those days are long gone. These are huge computer controlled warehouses and a global supply chain around the world

Amazon had the "stocked" items, which are backed by Amazon, stocked by Amazon, guaranteed by Amazon. Pretty safe.

They also have Amazon market place items, where 3rd parties can use Amazon to ship their own products. That's more risky and a lot of the items come from China. They may take months to arrive and don't have any particular warranty. Shame on Amazon, but now you know.

What you brought was probably a no name Chinese knock off, sold by a 3rd party. I got caught by that once (but I got all my money back, you just have to know how to do that.)

Still, your story makes no sense.

1.) Was it a famous brand? If yes, did you contact the manufacturer?

2.) If not, why did you pay list for a no-name?

3.) Did you try to return it?

4.) Did you try to get a refund from Amazon? You can, you just have to escalate it and work with the seller first.

99.9% of the items I've ordered have been as described. The ones that haven't, I've gotten a refund. That's a better success rate than at my local store, where I've been sold junk w/no refund.

If many of the items you've brought aren't as advertised, then you should stop trolling the scummy depths looking for deals that don't exist. Only buy Amazon stocked, Amazon backed, Amazon prime products. Be careful of fake reviews.

PerfectPoms wrote:

Not only that, Amazon engages in OUTRIGHT FRAUD by selling items that are ABSOLUTELY NOT like the item description describes:

I bought a Carbon Fibre gimbal - and paid carbon fibre prices - and when the gimbal arrived, even the box said carbon fibre - and the gimbal was aluminum!!!

And MANY other items I've bought from Amazon are NOTHING like the photograph used in the listing on Amazon.

I think it's time for a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit to make Amazon pay attention to this scammy behavior and stop doing it!

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