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Son of Thunder wrote:

To people who complain about photography price being to high the ad for that camera in 1954 was between 269.00 and 370.00 depending on lens. Minimum wage was .75 cent a hour. Median income was 4200.00. That .75 in today dollar in 7.16 an hour.

Here is an issue of Pop Photo from 1956, including many ads. The Kilfitt lens is advertised at $239.00 on page 54, and there's a full page ad from Exacta on page 27.

When making such comparisons, though, it's worth nothing a couple of things. First is the cost of film, processing, and even flashbulbs. An 8x10" print could easily cost $2-3.

Second, then as now, camera gear was available at a wide variety of price points. An Exacta VX would have been a high-end camera -- A Leica M3 with 50mm f/3.5 Elmar was also only about $350. But a basic consumer camera like a Brownie Hawkeye sold for $7 (with flash).

While I still shoot film and enjoy using "yestertech," when it comes to photographic options, I'm glad to be "living in the future."

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