Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

The DXOMark color depth values are very inconsistent across Sony cameras with the same sensor and generation:

A6300 - 24.4

A6500 - 24.5

A6400 - 24

A6500 - 23.8

Some of their other values also don't make sense, like the A6600 being 92 points better than the A6500 at low-light ISO with the same sensor (or the A6500 being 32 points worse than the A6300). This suggests variability on the part of their camera samples and/or test setup.

All I ask is that DXOMark data be put into context when we're taking about a <3% DXOMark difference in color depth between the A6500 and A6600, instead of calling it "rather big."

I apologize if I'm being overly aggressive here. There was a past DPR poster who insisted that the A6400 colors were awful compared to the A6500 (but then yelled that the A6600 was the best after he bought one) and a ton of people who mis-interpreted fading pictures on the DPR test studio as some sort of dramatic degradation in camera color quality.

Considering that Lightroom 6.14 came out in 2017, your problem is 99% likely to be combining a new camera with old software that lacks proper processing. In Capture One, bodies or lenses newer than a software release do not receive camera or lens corrections.

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