Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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My recommendation would be the a6500. At current prices, it is the best value. It seems to deliver the best IQ across the a6xxx line, has IBIS, build in flash and the color I get from LR without much tweaking is better than that of the a6400. The a6300 is a good option, too.

It's all the same sensor, so IQ differences are in your head, and color is whatever you want it to be in post-processing (though reviewers praise the updated color in the A6400 generation).

It is not only in my head. You can compare OOC JPEGS with the LR JPEGS, and do the same for the a6500. The a6400 is yellowish, OOC a6400 looks great (to me). You can do whatever color you like in post - but it is an additional step and the yellowish cast in LR is not easy to remove. It is not a camera issue but a LR profile issue. In PhotoLab3, a6400 comes out just fine. Unfortuntely, Sony's own converter Imaging Edge produces the same yellowish cast (compared to OOC JPEGS). According to DxO, the a6500 higher color sensitivity than the a6600.

DXOMark also lists the A6400 and A6600 as having different dynamic range, despite being the same sensor, processor, and firmware. There is minor variability to their testing that shouldn't be used for decision-making.

I use capture one pro without issue. It sounds like you're talking about setting up an automated white balance adjustment to your processing flow in Lighttoom, which is easier than swapping bodies.

Look, it's fine to say that you subjectively prefer one set of color logic to another set, but to say that the newer models have inferior IQ is inviting argumentation.  Your issue appears to be unique on this forum.

I wouldn't recommend the older model this days, as you're sacrificing the autofocus magic that is the defining feature of Sony's A6X00 lineup.

If someone needs the AF magic - sure. My hit rate with flash was about the same between the a6500 and a6400 indoors. Other than that, I don't see any reason not to recommend the older models (for as long as they are around) precisely because of the same sensor.

So I sold the a6400 and got myself another a6500 at the price of the a6400.

As someone who is currently using an A6500-era and A6400-era cameras simultaneously, tracking focus in AF-C is huge for ease of use and spending less time fiddling with settings.  If you want to sell the A6500 I would talk about its larger buffer and cheap price for IBIS.

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