Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

Nikon to me stands out, as someone who had to handle several different brands.

I want a menu where the tools/shooting menu options are differentiated properly

I expect Format and Battery grip options to be in the tools menu.

I expect Image quality and image format to be in the general Shooting menu.

I also don't like nested menus and options. Anything where you can't see the option by paging from the top menu level is bad. Like where Olympus put the lens length inside the page for Stabilisation Mode. When you haven't picked up an Olympus for a month and want to go straight to the lens length option, it is annoying if you forgot this.

I don't like the Canon habit of putting a lot of the more advanced functions inside a wacky custom/advanced menu with lots of sub-pages on all different aspects. This is the kind of thing that will annoy someone working in a camera shop with lots of different brands.

Manufacturers: do not nest options in sub-pages you have to click on to enter! I know you want to hide some options from beginners to stop them messing things up and reduce erroneous camera returns, but it makes learning the camera slower and forgetting it quicker.

Basically, I like the Nikon menus which have the icon for what type they are on the left, and once you are in the list of options on the right, you can keep scrolling down through the whole lot, even through different types. If you have forgotten the exact place for an option then you have a great chance of spotting it this way. If the manufacturer has nested their menus so you have to go in and out of them like different rooms, it is so much more difficult. Yes, it means if you don't know where something is you end up scrolling through a lot, but the alternative is having something hidden and arcane in a sub-menu.

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