Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Yes any camera from 1999

Rambow wrote:

This issue comes up often, i take it that people are very confused when operating their digital camera(despite the fact that none of them read any manual ever).

Let me tell you something, no menu system containing tens of options and submenus with weird technical names can be proclaimed to be "intuitive".

Cameras in general are not intuitive devices, never were. I still don't know how to operate a manual film camera. Because it's not intuitive. It's something one needs to learn.

You know what's intuitive? A burger. Don't need a manual to figure out what to do with a burger. Everybody knows how to eat a burger. A dog could figure out how to steal and eat a burger.

But cameras? No. Not intuitive. In order to use one, one first needs to learn how to do it, including navigating the menus. And that's not easy, i know. That's not however a reason to proclaim brand X of cameras has a unintuitive menu layout.

I disagree. There are a lot of options in modern cameras, but almost all of them are self-explanatory. I never had a camera in hand where the menu was a hassle, this includes a Sony A9-II where people often proclaimed otherwise.

Of course, if you have no knowledge about camera technology you may get problems,  but for those people it is not about the menu or its intuitivety, just about a lack of knowledge and there is an auto mode / default menu setting available for those shooters.

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