A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

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Re: A question re Tamron 28-200 and SS

LarryOW wrote:

I've received my Tamron 28-200 yesterday and look forward to testing on my A7iii this next week but I have a question.

Somewhere (I don't remember where) a reviewer said because it didn't have it's own stabilizing it's best to shoot at a minimum of 1/100.It seemed like an odd statement and I assume the reason is to compensate for lack of lens stabilization. Would you agree with that?

Depends on what/how you shoot. I typically use auto ISO setting min shutter speed. If I shoot in a slow pace I would set SS either at normal or a stop slower that the reciprocal rule. If I shoot on a street, at an event, walking, etc. I would go 1-2 steps faster than the reciprocal rule. And, of course, if you have a moving subject than SS should be adjusted accordingly.

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