A new body or a new telephoto lens?

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Re: A new body or a new telephoto lens?

viper699 wrote:

The shooting I do is pretty basic in my opinion. landscape, wildlife (minor portion), and basic night scenes for tourist areas.

About the only subject I shoot in motion regularly when possible is the ocean.

The wildlife I shoot is really spontaneous, ie I'm not specifically looking for it.

If I had the money and was heading out for a specific animal trip like Africa etc, I would rent one of the ultra zooms.

I don't think having a new body will give me better pictures mind you, just allow for my creative control perhaps.

I do like my 5500, I love the articulating fully touch sensitive screen. Something I don't believe the other Nikon bodies have, except the 5600

If you buy a FF camera body you would need to buy a set of FF lenses. I would suggest you concentrate on lenses that you can use on your current body and if you do at some time buy a FF body later on ( used!) they will work on it. I would suggest the FF version of the Nikon 70-300 or a 100-400 Sigma to take care of your telephoto needs. Both are reasonably light for the reach, the Nikon being the lighter.

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