How to deal with light and shadow in shooting?

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Re: How to deal with light and shadow in shooting?

lisaliliiliu wrote:

How to deal with light and shadow in shooting, which camera is more suitable, too large camera is very difficult to carry.

T-he difference between bright-highlights and dark-shadows is referred to as Dynamic-Range (DR).

I am not an expert on that but I think it is safe to say that a larger-sensor (aka FF), and "newer" (aka more expensive), does have a DR advantage.

However, as long as highlights are not blown, Post-Processing (PP) techniques can still be required to lighten (dark) shadows in more difficult situations, and they can also make even smaller sensor cameras sufficient.

And there are other methods like HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques and Fill-Flash (if close enough).

If you are not familiar w/ HDR, it is a method of shooting 2-3+ exposures that separately optimize both highlights and shadows that then are (software) combined into one-image.

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