Signs of (Olympus) Life

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Re: Signs of (Olympus) Life

Danielvr wrote:

It's going to be a race between Olympus releasing the 150-400 and Olympus selling their camera division to some hacks. [..] I'm going to want to feel like they will be supporting it (for repair, firmware upgrade) for many years to come.

Well, that's not going to happen.

Says who?

Did Hasselblad stop servicing and expanding their product line when they got new ownership?

Did Minolta..?

Did Leica..?

Did Pentax..?

If not, then why all the hand wringing now?

So that's it for me. My big bucks camera purchases will just have to go elsewhere.

Not a single manufacturer is in good shape. Maybe Olympus users are lucky that their brand still found a new investor.

Or to continue with listing the "good"brands. The brands I'd like to have if I was rich  So many"bad" things I'd do if the payment was a new PhaseOne  with the Mamiya & Leaf parentage & often name.

Did Mamiya ....?

Did Leaf ....?

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