Quick bit on mFT sensor quality.

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Re: is the sensor thing just lack of novelty?

Great Bustard wrote:

iano wrote:

The essence is the point the smaller sensors provide pluses and minuses, yet right now the focus is so often on the minuses.

The pluses and minuses must be balanced, and for any application there is a best compromise. However, right now, 35mm is not even thought of as a compromise, it is as if the term 'full frame' has taken over thinking to the point where a smaller sensor is seen as 'not the full frame' and larger sensors as 'fake news', because how can you have more then full?

Digital sensors larger than FF are more than niche. Fuji is doing a great job developing digital MF, but even then, it is cropped MF, where the difference between cropped MF and FF (0.77x) is half the difference between FF and APS-C (1.5x).

Every argument about m43 vs 35mm 'full frame' has an exact parallel when comparing 35mm full frame to medium format. But there is little discussion on how full frame relatively lacks fine detail etc ..

Currently, FF lenses actually have the aperture advantage. For example, consider a 35 / 1.4 on FF. On cropped MF, that would a 45 / 1.8, which doesn't exist (so far as I'm aware). Also, the sheer variety of FF lenses is so much more than there is for FF.

Then, in terms of operation, especially AF and fps, FF is way ahead of cropped digital MF. So, for sports photography, for example, FF is definitely well ahead.

Now, the 100 MP cropped MF bodies do offer very nice IQ advantages over even the best of FF (64 MP). But, again, that difference is less than what FF offers over even APS-C (64 MP vs 32 MP) and very much different than FF and mFT.

It is not that long ago 'full frame' was a niche with APS-C being the mainstream, just as medium format is now.

Yes, but the MF niche is likely much more extreme since so many people already had FF lenses.

'Full frame' digital has moved to mainstream relatively recently, and even more recently to mirrorless.

Yes, as the size, weight, and price has fallen significantly as the market declines and FF moves to mirrorless.

Micro43 made the move to mirror-less long ago, and with sensor technology relatively stagnant, is lacking that novelty factor right now.

The sensor tech for mFT has been no more or less stagnant than the sensor tech for any other format.

It is not that the sensor tech is bad, or below what is needed, it is just that it is not new in a world where short attention spans always want something new.

The problem is people thinking that it is the sensor tech, as opposed to the sensor size, that is the dominant player in noise and DR. Thus, they wrongly believe that mFT tech is inferior when, in reality, it's up with the best of them.

Agreed. 'People' (although i worry we are commenting as outsiders to this group) do not think to deeply and read 'inferior noise and DR' so assume the tech is bad.

However I also think it is like fashion.  People are drawn to what is 'new'. even if it is not better for them.  M43 has nothing new compared to full frame right now, so full frame is 'in fashion', even if the really new thing about ff has always been there with m43.

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