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Re: is the sensor thing just lack of novelty?

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I've seen a lot of posts where people complain about mFT sensors not being up to snuff compared to the competition. The fact of the matter is that mFT sensors are state of the art and not lacking, in the least, compared to anyone else. If any manufacturer is a bit behind, it's Canon (although they've largely caught up).

Of course, mFT sensors are at a size disadvantage compared to APS-C and FF, which puts them at a disadvantage with regards to pixel count and light gathering. However, in my opinion, very few take photos and display them at a size where even 20 MP is anything but overkill. Furthermore, for larger formats to get the noise advantage in lower light, they *necessarily* need to use a more shallow DOF (although the larger sensor size does allow them to achieve greater DR at base ISO, but, again, few make "good use" of more than what mFT offers).

So, the bottom line is that there's nothing lacking with mFT sensors compared to anyone else's sensors with respect to performance. They are smaller, and with the smaller size come pluses and minuses, where anyone who has chosen mFT has found that the pluses outweigh the minuses for their photography.

In short (too late, right?), whatever difficulties Olympus is suffering are absolutely NOT a result of a substandard sensor.

The essence is the point the smaller sensors provide pluses and minuses, yet right now the focus is so often on the minuses.

The pluses and minuses must be balanced, and for any application there is a best compromise. However, right now, 35mm is not even thought of as a compromise, it is as if the term 'full frame' has taken over thinking to the point where a smaller sensor is seen as 'not the full frame' and larger sensors as 'fake news', because how can you have more then full?

Every argument about m43 vs 35mm 'full frame' has an exact parallel when comparing 35mm full frame to medium format. But there is little discussion on how full frame relatively lacks fine detail etc ..

It is not that long ago 'full frame' was a niche with APS-C being the mainstream, just as medium format is now.

'Full frame' digital has moved to mainstream relatively recently, and even more recently to mirrorless.

Micro43 made the move to mirror-less long ago, and with sensor technology relatively stagnant, is lacking that novelty factor right now.

It is not that the sensor tech is bad, or below what is needed, it is just that it is not new in a world where short attention spans always want something new.

Full frame vs medium format is full of the exact same discussions.

The main difference is that medium format is priced generally well above all but the fast FPS, journalist and action shot FF systems.

Pricing follows sensor size, something MFT has not yet grasped.

MFT is still great tech, but not at FF prices. That’s why Olympus failed.

It was not long ago that full frame was only at prices that put it into niche territory...just as is the case with Medium format today.

With the lack of new sensor tech on the horizon, and the trend of technology prices to decrease, how long before the 'pricing follows sensor size' will result in full frame products suffering a decrease in revenue as medium format will be able to put that same pressure on pricing that full frame has been able to exert on m43 and APS-C

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