Serious Question about other Formats vis a vis M43 so can We keep our pants zipped?

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Serious Question about other Formats vis a vis M43 so can We keep our pants zipped?

I have little faith that this wont degenerate into the usual FF or m43 measuring contest but here goes. Its rainy season, time to start researching and planning.

My present rig is g9 and PL 12-60 and 50-200. That package, fits with everything I need (well I ALWAYS need more but thats another story) for photography into a Tenba 10. Which in turn fits into an Osprey Talon 22. Which, with little essentials and 2.5 liters of water runs about 5.5KG. Which , with enough clothing for 3-5 days depending on my own stink tolerance, ends up at 8 kilos. Add a tripod or monopod, 9 kilos.

So thats pretty damn light. That means I can fly around SE asia with a "personal" item and not get f$%$$ by baggage fees. That means with my aching knees, disgusting fatbody, random pain and spasms from nerve damage and constant buzz, I can clamber on and off trains (off of concrete blocks), get crammed into other trains and stand for an hour, or ride between the cars, crawl into tuk tuks, ride on the back of scooters with Orange Vest lunatics, get tipped over on dirt roads, crawl around ruins, limp over broken sidewalks, squat over squats (try that with a big camera bag) and generally live a creaky fat stoned  old man life doing old man exploring...

My primary goal over the past few years (mostly in Asia) was to get the lightest possible gear because I know that the less I schlep, the more fun I will have. I have a G85, then switched off to the G9 for the phenomenal VF and ergonomics, not even talking about the IQ.

Keep in mind that because of vision problems, I am forced to use focus peaking and the EVF. I rarely use anyhting other than one area focus. I dont shoot sports as a rule (I have once or twice and Id rather watch the game), I dont do portraits. I like to shoot ruins, wats, statues, street scenes, food, buildings, landscapes, flowers, critters, etc. Im working on BIF, but keep in mind my vision limitations so if you can envision it, I shoot them like a I would a shotgun.

I rarely use video, I dont shoot high ISO, I havent hit the 4K or 6K or burst in a few months. I shoot only RAW now. I dont do portraits. I dont focus stack, bracket or do HDR in camera. I do do some street stuff, but I have difficulties with folks who wander around taking pics of poor folks (unless you pay them) so I really dont do that, unless I pay. Im not set up for macro, which I would like to do

Im happy with my pics and so are the folks that buy them from me. Probably because they are cheap. Ive printed to 12x36 IIRC. I try to snap and develop with realism, and I eschew the use of filters and light and colours not found in nature.

So for what I am doing, the M43 is perfect.

But with the ChiVi my Asia action is getting to be a PITA. Thailands closed and wont be the same anyway, not just because of the strippers wearing masks, but because tourists wont be able to run willy nilly about like we used to.  Plus the weed is either crap or stupidly expensive Thus, Im stuck in Cambodia, which is OK because weed is cheap, but a trip to the Maldives or Koh Chang would be nice. I don't think its all copasetic in India, and I think Im too old and fat to go trekking in Nepal. I cant go to China even to visit my kid, who is trapped there by CCP dollars, giving them the rope that they will hang us with, but I digress.

So its back to the USA. See America first. Winter in the desert, roam in the summer. So I will have loads of landscapes, ghost towns, burnt out urban areas, churches, birds, critters, sunsets, etc. Bleieve it or not, I have never been to the Grand Canyon. Id like to do star and moon stuff! Road trips! Not necessary to carry everything on my back just to get somewhere!!!!.

Everything goes in the trunk! OMG, like pull up to a *place to take a picture* with Blind Faith blasting, get out of the AIR CONDITIONED, car, stretch, LEISURELY stroll to the trunk and rummage! No more hauling and sweating to get to a place to haul and sweat. !!!

So the question is.....(and Im not ever selling my M43 stuff... I might have to walk...).

What benefit would I gain, if any, by buying either a Nikon D850 or a Lumix SR1 to fill any "gap" in my gear considering what I want to do. Like Macro? Buy a Macro lens for the G9? Woould a FF be better.? Am I better off just filling out my lens stash with an 8-18 (which I will do anyway LOL)? Would either of the two FFs be THAT MUCH better for Macro or Landscapes or Critters than what I have?

Basically, what do I gain over my present kit by ADDING a FF to it?.

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