Tripod suggestions in view of some physical issues

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Re: Tripod suggestions in view of some physical issues

Normo wrote:

I will be getting a fuji xt-3 soon, I hope. I'm 70 and have lots of older gear and I might being using some older minolta gear and lenses. The thing is I have had lots of injuries/broken bones, multiple herniated discs with nerve damage and chronic pain. That's just the ways things seem to roll. I have difficulty bending, but I am easily strong enough to carry a heavier tripod. I used to travel alot but now that seems to be a distant dream and the wife has been ill for many years, so a travel tripod probably isn't necessary. I am 6'1" and even though the fuji has a flip screen view finder the older cameras don't, and as I said bending isn't my strong suit. So any fellow suffers out there with tripod suggestions? Thanks. Norm

At 5'9" , I'm ok with a tripod that reaches 56" . Add the ball-head and the viewfinder is at eye-level. You need 60" or longer to be safe.

A tripod with only 2 or 3 leg sections with flip-locks would be the simplest to set up, but it could be 3 feet long compressed with a head attached. That can be awkward to carry.

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