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Re: Shut down the Flkr Link

cdmazoff wrote:

Rocket13 wrote:

Sorry guys took down my flkr link to the Osprey Flkr was showing lens and camera serial numbers in the EXIF. CD I could see yours as well on your pics there. I selected hide exif on mine and changed account to family for now until they get it ironed out.

Sorry I have my EXIF turned on to help people understand more about the shot... It is why I use Flickr and not Instagram. I want people to know how the shot was achieved. I don't think you can leverage that to password insecurity...

Yep. There is no way on earth someone will try to steal an identity out of that. The better they will do I download the latest patches that are already all over the web already!

What is really risky is to do online banking on a Windows PC that the kids are using to play games on!!!

More info for Rocket: credit card information is now stored on third party servers. Canon most likely doesn’t have this information in their servers. They’ve outsourced it to a specialized company doing just that. Now even with your serial number, someone could not acquire your email address. The serial number is not part of the identity. And even if they (hackers I mean) could they would not have your email password. If they could even get your email address and pretend that they forgot the password, they would have to steal your email password and redirect the reset email toward them. And then they would not still have these three numbers on the back of your credit card because it is usually not saved on servers. So basically, you have more chances of being hit by a car than this!

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There is always something to shoot/snap, you just have to know how to do it and have the right gear.

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