Don't Expect Much (or Anything) from Sony in APSC

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JohnNEX wrote:

Sony released THREE APS-C cameras in 2019, arguably the best APS-C zoom lens made for any camera ever and a comparatively well priced and good performing tele zoom. These are unambiguously not 'crumbs'.

You are correct, the Sony 16-55 f2.8 is the best zoom in that range ever made, expensive yes. The 70-350 seems very good, light, small, and well priced. Not crumbs as you said.

Don't expect much in APS-C in 2020 as they released a bunch of stuff in 2019.

Yep, 3 camera bodies and two great lenses is pretty ambitious in the past year. I'm not sure how much more people expect of Sony. They really do have a full range of bodies and lenses right now. Not to mention all off the FF FE lenses, Sigma, Tamron has released. If you can't find what you want in the APS-C lineup right now, not sure what to tell you.

The a6600 was a significant upgrade, with the larger battery and grip, a headphone jack and the much better AF system.

Not really. The a6600 could have included a LOT of other options that many of the other manufacturers are including in their cameras. I don't want to list all of them, but I'll leave it up to you to figure that out, and there are many.

There was a ton of whining about these things, and now the a6600 has them the whining simply moves on to something else.

That will never end, as we all know. People will never be satisfied, as you know.

There will never ever be any APS-C camera which is basically the current FF model in an APS-C body. Never.

Don't be so sure about that that. If the mystical a7000 comes with a new 28MP sensor, better EVF, fully functional touch screen, front control dial, UHS-II card slot, better weather sealing, better video specs, better IBIS, etc... Most will not need or want a FF camera.

At some point we will have an APS-C camera which performs like the 2020 A9, but by then the current A9 model will be way ahead of that and all the middle-aged man APS-C crybabies will still be whining and whining in the same way.

Let’s hope a new APS-C camera performs like the 2020 A9 in a much smaller form factor and specs happens next year. If that ever happens, I'll consider upgrading my excellent a6300. But until then, I'm not interested in any of the iterations released in the past few years.

I went straight from the Sony NEX 5T to the a6300, and THATwas a real upgrade for me! I'm pretty happy with my kit right now. I wish people could be more content with the gear they have.

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