Filming in 24p vs 60p (Best for Slow-mo video)

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Re: Filming in 24p vs 60p (Best for Slow-mo video)

Mark554 wrote:

One concept that I am confused about though is filming in 60fps and dropping it into a 24fps timeline. I understand the footage may not be a true 24p because it was filmed at 60p and the shutter is usually double the frame rate (1/120) for the most natural look. But would doing so make the slow-mo smoother compared to using 24fps footage on a 24 fps timeline?

If you just drop a 60p clip onto a 24p timeline, Premier Pro will skip frames so that the clip plays at normal speed with 24 frames per second.

If you want it to appear as slow motion, then right-click the imported file in the "Project" window (not on the timeline), select "Interpret Footage", and set it to 24fps.  Premiere will treat it as if it was shot at 24fps, so it won't drop any frames and it will stretch 2-1/2 times longer on the timeline.

It's best to do this before you drag the clip onto the timeline because any trimming you did to the start and end points will shift when you make the change.

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