Is that Olympus 100-400mm f5/6.3 the new Sigma lens?

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Re: Is that Olympus 100-400mm f5/6.3 the new Sigma lens?

dbateman wrote:

Anyone else noticed that the contemporary Sigma 100-400mm f5/6.3 with optical image stabilisation just recently released sounds strikingly similar to the Olympus 100-400mm f5/6.3 with optical image stabilisation on the road map.

If the same and at just under $1000, it might be a winner.

Th four thirds 70-300mm lens was a Sigma design. So not surprised if the same.

This as been my theory since the development of both lenses were announced a year ago.  The development announcement were both about the same time.  They have the same general specs.  They are going to reach the market at about the same time.  One has to look at the lens construction and other things when that type of information becomes available.   The Sigma is made for FF.  So if the same design lens was used on MFT this would mean that the lens would be larger than needed, but it would also mean that the image quality would be better since only using the center of the image circle. If this is the case this might mean that the PL 100-400/f4.0-5.6 would be a little smaller.

Anyhow, I hope we can figure this out in a month or so.

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