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Re: Nikon's "My Menu" Feature . . . (video)


they say a video is worth one million words

main layout starts 24 seconds in


Here is a video for the Nikon "My Menu" feature.

This guy is showing how it works with the Nikon D850, but I can do the same thing on my much cheaper Nikon D5100.

The thing that he mentions is that it saves you time when you are out in the field.

Meaning . . . if you put what you usually change on your camera in the "My Menu", then you won't have to menu dive just to get to things. Everything you usually need is there in one place on your "My Menu".

One thing that he doesn't mention, but I do is . . . put things on the "My Menu" that I don't want to forget about.

For instance . . . ISO setting.

If I am shooting cheer (indoor sports) one day and I set the camera up for ISO 6400. And then the next day I am shooting portraits outdoors and I'd want to be at ISO 100, I hope I don't forget to check the ISO setting.

So . . . I've put AUTO-ISO and ISO menu items on "My Menu" on all my Nikon dSLR cameras.

And I've put other things like Assign AE-L/AF-L button so that if I want to do back-button-focus I can do that really quickly. Or to set the built-in flash between iTTL or commander mode. Along with access to the menu to change the power of the external flash units remotely.

But one thing I put right at the time is "Time zone and date".

Everytime I shoot, I want to make sure my camera has the right date / time and time zone. (My daughter actually has cheer competitions sometimes in the next time zone.) And I want the right date + time especially if shooting with two cameras, that way when I sort my pictures, they all get sorted together chronologically.

So . . . I constantly want a reminder to make sure my date + time is set up right.

So . . . I get the double purpose out of "My Menu" as also my check-list of things to check before I start to shoot.

And . . . since I have "Time zone and date" right at the top of "My Menu", I have it set up that when I press the "FN" button, it takes me right to the top menu item. Which in my case is the "Time zone and date", so I can see what time it is. LOL.

What I noticed is that now-a-days, with a cellphone, I never wear a watch anymore. So when I am out shooting . . . I was constantly having to pull my cellphone out to see what time it was. If I am shooting a client, it is kinda rude to be constantly pulling out my cellphone. So now . . . I just press the "FN" button and look at the back of my camera and I can see the time. So . . . the client things I'm just checking out the settings on my camera! LOL. But this is also really convenient when I am shooting cheer as well.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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