Is 600 PF time?

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Re: Is 600 PF time?

Antal I Kozma wrote:

PachoBirder wrote:

The 600PF will weight aprox. 2.2 kg., more than 0.6 kilo less than the Sigma Sport, with better AF, sharper and faster (5.6 vs 6.3), but will cost almost three times or maybe more, because Nikon will sell less 600 PFs than the 500PFs.

Interesting, my thought has always been, since the introduction of the 500mm PF, that a 600mm PF would be a best seller and that Nikon should have come out with that instead of the 500mm version.

600mm is a birders dream lens and lots of wildlife folks use it too. That is a good number of potential buyers. Lots of good amateur birders dream about a 600mm lens but cannot afford the 600mm f4E FL version. Whereas a 5-6K 600mm PF could be squeezed into the budget.

500mm is often a bit short for birding. Therefore it is paired with the 1.4X TC III more often than not. My best birding combo is the 500mm f4E FL + 1.4x TC III on a D500 body. I can hand hold it for reasonably long times and it gives me the reach needed for warblers and such in the woods.

A 600mm f5.6 PF on a D500 still would be long enough for tiny songbirds without a TC. Yes, it would be 100mm shorter than the 500 f4E + 1.4x TC. However, its much lighter weight would be a serious advantage. It would be easier to keep tracking birds with it for longer times. So, in my opinion a 600mm PF would be a dream birding lens and excellent general wildlife tool. I would jump on such lens as soon as orders would be accepted for it.

Best, AIK

As a small bird shooter and owner of both a 500 PF and 500 f4, I totally agree.

500mm is often not enough reach and a TC14 can used on a 500 f/4 without a second thought for shooting 700mm at f/5.6. Not so with the 500 PF, which when paired with a TC14, presents a noticeabley darker screen and balkier AF, particularly in less than ideal light. I do think the 500 PF is an excellent lens and use it in certain situations, but would envision using a 600 f/5.6 PF much more often.


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