High-Pitch Whirring Noise From the Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16-80mm f/4 (Fujifilm X-T4)

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Kevin Muldoon
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High-Pitch Whirring Noise From the Fujifilm Fujinon XF 16-80mm f/4 (Fujifilm X-T4)

My new Fujifilm X-T4 arrived the other day. I'm really impressed with the camera body and quality etc.

I purchased it with the 16-80mm F4 lens, which I updated to version 1.05 today (at the time of writing, it's the latest firmware for the lens).

It's range seems decent and video quality and build quality seem really good too, but it is emitting a high-pitch whirring noise at all times.

I've did a number of searches online about the issue and Fuji states this is normal for their OIS lenses.

I have read many people suggest that this noise can be adjusted by disabling certain settings, but during these discussion threads, it becomes clear at the end that it cannot be disabled.

I appreciate that you won't hear this noise when walking around with the camera outside, but this is a concern for me as I've bought the X-T4 for video recording. I've did some video tests in the house and placed my Shure VP83 shotgun microphone on the camera. Unfortunately, whether I walk around or place the camera on a tripod, the mic is picking up the whirring noise and it's making the video unusable (no surprise given it's positioned above it).

I have watched some videos about the 16-80mm on YouTube and I haven't noticed any vloggers mention this issue with any of the Fujifilm OIS lenses, so I am hoping there is a fix or workaround.

  • Is there any way to eliminate this noise or reduce its volume?
  • Can a shotgun microphone be used with the 16-80mm or would a wireless lav system (or something similar) have to be used so the microphone is away from the camera?
  • Is the only solution to return/sell it? (others have because of this issue)

Any help with this would be appreciated


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