furniture flash photography problem with reflections ? Example with photo.

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Re: Use a color reference

Andreascy wrote:

Bob wrote:

Either a custom white balance off a white card or use a "Color Checker" to build a profile of your camera & lighting in Lightroom

Also, based on the shadows, one light source is not enough in this situation.

Hello. about coloer checker i have one that i bought from chinese seller, its chinese version and its clone of color checker. i tried to use it but i dont know the way. Now it this point i took a photo of color checker, and i paid using the photoshop each color by brush with the values that the color checker is writing. but i stay there , i dont know how to proceed after this)

First of all, be careful with imitation products. Very subtle differences, especially in the white balance colors will make a huge difference. And even if the "Cholor" Checker is accurate, it needs to stay that way. Don't know if the fake version uses long-lasting pigments.

That said, you need to download the Color Checker plugin for Lightroom from Xrite. Without that, the color checker won't work. Then you simply take a picture of it, and run the plug-in. Lightroom will create a special profile. Apply that profile to all your shots from the same scene and same lights. Everything will be perfect.

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