Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

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Re: Nikon 120-300MM F/2.8 Zoom Lens

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How are you liking your new 500PF..? I am pleased for "WHAT IT IS" and price...! Still not done much yet with my D6 & 120-300 Zoom Kit yet but its a keeper for sure...

My first impression was totally wrong: because I took first photos in poor light - and I was SO unimpressed that I started a local ad online saying: "Trade your 400 2.8 or 500 f4 for my brand new 500 pf and some cash." I changed my mind after testing it for a few more days.

After spending more days with it I will say that it is certainly sharp - definitely better than my 180-400 with the TC engaged.

The 500 pf sure is small for the amount of zoom it gives you - BUT - it's two stops slower than 2.8 lenses, so it will very rarely be on my D850. This lens will be reserved for my D6 or D5.

So I like the 500 pf, but it's certainly not a low light lens. I've been out with it and my 300 2.8 and 70-200 on 3 bodies, which is a bit of a pain to carry and haul out of the camera bag - but when light drops at the end of the evening, the 500 pf gets put away first and I have to rely on the 300 2.8.

Here is one shot with the 500 pf

Yep there is a reason why the 500mm pf has been so popular!  The amount of reach for this low weight can't be beat, and often with wildlife that makes the difference between getting a shot and not getting it.  Of course for low light situations, it can't compete with a f/2.8 lens that lets in 4 times more light, the latter will focus much faster and won't require the higher ISO necessary with the f/5.6.  And on those sunny days, it should work fine on your D850.  I use it on my D500 all the time:

Use of the 500mm pf on a D500

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