Forcing Windows to use Dell UP2718Q driver?

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Billiam29 wrote:

But why did you feel the compulsion to install this driver at all? Was it just one of those “I’m going to defeat you!” situations with your computer? That’s certainly fine if it was. I’ve been there myself on occasion.

I just want to make sure you are clear that it’s highly likely there is no technical or functional reason you actually needed to install this driver. The odds are quite strong that the only thing it actually did for you was change Windows to display the text string “Dell UP2718Q” instead of “Generic PnP”.

I’ve already explained this earlier in the thread. The Dell UP2718Q is a fairly high end, complex monitor with HW calibration capability, etc. Do you/we know for sure there would be no benefit in having the Dell native driver installed? So, that’s one thing, the second thing was why couldn’t I install the Dell driver? That became a question in itself that warranted figuring out. In the process I’ve learned more about Windows 10 OS. Yeah, I could have just ignored this and moved on, but there would have been no learning in that.

My question to you is why analyze my motives and interests here? 😊. Happy that one or two contributors here actually attempted to answer my questions. Now I’ve indulged you and given you an answer to your questions also 👍

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