Olympus situation - my opinion

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Re: Olympus situation - my opinion

The 8-25 has really grabbed my attention as well.

What I see is the conflict between people who always feel driven to have the latest technology to "improve" their images and those who want gear they have come to trust and learned to optimize. (What I find a bit amusing is some of the people making the most negative noise have struck me as the ones who should have switched systems long ago anyway.)

Even if Olympus new bodies  are no longer developed, what the EM1.2 and EM1.3 are capable of is suitable for my needs now, and the foreseeable future. Sure, if a year from now it's obvious that no future Olympus products will be released (other than those under current development) I'll probably start putting together a kit from another manufacturer. But I won't rush out to do it. No need. It's not like the day that the deal with JIP is finalized my gear will stop working.

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