Should I get a Leica Q2?

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Re: Should I get a Leica Q2?

Paul_B Midlands UK wrote:

I totally agree - Q-P, to fix that damn power switch issue - even after 3 years I CONSTANTLY select multi-shot when I want single. But the Q-P is less common to purchase, so Q is perfectly fine. Never tried Q2, I don't want monster files so I would avoid. Q is legend - like you I think/see in 28 mm and for many things its great. Even portraits, is possible if sometimes problematic! - group shots its great! I want a Q 60 mm for example.

I don't think that anyone would argue against the Q being a great camera.  The Q2 is better in a number of ways, but not everyone needs it.  For those who think that they do and can afford the price, I say "go for it."

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