Color profiles, engineering or art?

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Re: Color profiles, engineering or art?

Eric Nepean wrote:

Human color perception is also not uniform in the blue purple violet region.

I do not fail any color perception tests, but we have discovered that my wife can discriminate color in this region much more accurately than I can.

Aside from ability to discriminate, one should include the objectionability factor. How much do you care about various colors you can discriminate? In your example, you or your wife might be able to distinguish many nuances of blue in the sky, for example but they may all look pleasant or even accurate to you. On the other hand, you may not be able to discriminate so many hues of pink/brown (or similar, whatever common skin colors are) but you may find even small noticeable differences quite objectionable.

So we can have CFA/profiles optimizing skin colors but not so great for everything else, and more uniform ones, etc.

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