Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

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Re: Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

Ned88 wrote:

I want to buy a camera which will let me do timed exposures (low light, using a tripod). I don't need a high-end camera with fast lenses nor great daytime photos. Just the ability to do a 2 second, or 10 second (or manually hold the shutter open) exposures.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what the most basic, cheapest digital camera is that has that one feature? (Or, perhaps the best value? I don't mind spending $100 more for a better camera, with better daytime performance. Or, maybe a compact camera. But, ultimately, I'm just looking for timed exposures. I don't need to spend a lot on better quality/features. Even an older, used camera would be good. But, must be digital, not film.).

Thanks in advance.

Just about anything with PASM modes would allow at least 15-30 second exposures along with a 2 or 10 second time delay. If you physically want to control the shutter speed, then it would need a Bulb mode in manual exposure. Most premium compacts would have that.

For long exposures, you might need ND filters, so you want threads on the lens. I think all the Panasonic LX and FZ models have those features.

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