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Re: Best base settings to use? Thank you :)

bobn2 wrote:

David1961 wrote:

Yes the two approaches should end up with the same f-number and shutter speed in theory.

The other member wouldn't accept that my raising ISO did no harm to the final image quality when highlights are not clipped.

He was probably under the misapprehension that ISO causes noise.

No, because that "other member" was I. The real problem here is that David1961 has either mischaracterized (or misunderstood) what I was arguing in that thread. The green text above that I've bolded is at the crux of the mischaracterization. David recommended using ISO to increase shutter speed when in aperture priority mode. He argued that, even when trying to optimize the raw exposure, his ISO-only approach always works better that EC (followed by ISO if appropriate) because it guarantees a preservation of output lightness (per the originally metered level). He seemed to believe that there was never any downside to this approach. It was only after I raised the potential for exacerbating highlight clipping in high DR conditions by using his ISO-only approach that he added the bolded conditional. We never really got beyond that point to explore the consequences of using the ISO-only approach when the scenic conditions and metering choices present this bind. I believe the reason for that was because he just couldn't accept that increasing ISO would haveany adverse effect on what highlights would be captured or clipped.

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