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topcat74 wrote:

Hi all.

My image stabilisation only seems to come into effect when in continuous focusing mode if I switch to single mode the stabilisation seems to stop working.

I have it set to boost mode.

I have set stabilisation to "shooting only", not "continuous".

I am using the XF 56mm f1.2 Lens.

I can definitely see the green focusing box stabilise when in continuous focus mode and depress the focus button ( ael, set to back button focusing ) in single mode the green box does not seem to stabilise when focus depressed.

Any ideas?

Works as intended.

From X-T4 manual:

IS Mode Shooting Only:

"Image stabilization enabled only when the shutter button is pressed halfway (focus mode C) or the shutter is released."

This means that in focus mode S, stabilization is enabled only when the shutter is fully pressed. In focus mode C, stabilization is enabled while focusing (half-press shutter or BBF).

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