What camera could IM022 be?

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What camera could IM022 be?

There are rumours that Olympus registered a camera (bluetooth/wifi certification) as IM022.

IM021 turned out to be the EM1 Mk3.

Some rumours look like they might be an accidental (or click-driven) copying of IM021 and that there is no IM022, but if there is, what could it be.


  • It can't be an EM1.
  • It can't be an EM5.
  • And surely not another EPL 6 7 8 9 10

That would only leave Pen-F and EM10, but what's left to do with those?

There doesn't seem much that could be added to a Pen-F. It already has a 20MP sensor, High res mode and OLED finder. I suppose they could switch to the Hybrid AF sensor but is PDAF a priority or worth paying extra for for Pen-F's target users?

It seems a Pen-F update could only be minor finessing to re-market it and maybe raise the price.

And if the EM10 is updated again, say with a 20MP sensor, it becomes harder for marketing to distinguish it from the EM5.

Personally, the camera they could make that would get my attention the most is to update EM10 to near EM5 features (20MP sensor from the Pen would be ok, from the EM5 better, high res mode, etc). Keep the slightly smaller dimensions and go one step further by removing the built in EVF. Instead have a port for a high quality optional articulating EVF.

There's a lot further they could take it, I like gadget cameras, but given the circumstances even just the above is probably a pipe dream. But it would certainly do the trick for me. Add a reasonably compact versatile lens like the announced 8-25/4 Pro or 12-45/4 Pro and that's small camera heaven for me.

But I suspect the IM022 rumour may just be clickbait.

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