Af mode of choice when shooting moving people?

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Re: Similar to shooting catwalk

Paul P K wrote:

ands onl would add delay between seeing/getting a subject in focus by pushing the AF button with the thumb, and the having to switch over to taking the shot bu pushing the release button with the index finger

This is misleading.

The process is seamless and has no delay. Thumb for focus, shutter finger for exposure. For continuous focus you keep your thumb pressed down until after you have taken the shot, for single focus then recompose it is a quick dib with your thumb then take your thumb off recompose and shoot with your finger (harder to describe than to do). It doesn't affect your grip on the camera and your thumb isn't doing anything else - seamless.

The best part of using back button focus is you never need to change your camera focus settings, you have the best of both worlds, for no adjustment needed (other than the initial mental adjustment to working that way). The one time I adjust my camera focus settings is the day I first use it.

The only drawback once you get used to back button focus is if someone else needs to use your camera who has no clue how to use it. Not really a prob.

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