Getting the 12/32 to go a little wider...

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Isola Verde
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Getting the 12/32 to go a little wider...

A thread for anyone like me, who enjoys the little Lumx zoom but wishes it would go just a tiny bit "wider".

Off the back of previous encouraging reports, I jumped at the chance to buy Ricoh's 3-element DW-6 accessory lens when I found my local camera store had it listed at a fairly modest £110....

As a "Special Order", it took 14 days to arrive (and then another day to get myself a 37mm/43mm step-up ring), but what the heck - some 12 years from launch, who'd have expected that there were any left to be had?

For an idea of what the 0.79x factor does, here's the same view [taken in P mode, auto-ISO and AWB, tripod-mounted, on the 16MP GF7] "without" and then "with" - with the "with" processed from RAW in LR (and the exact same settings then copied to the "without"), both saved uncropped as full-size JPGs...



While this is also from a RAW, also processed but reduced - without cropping - to the sort of size I'll generally be using it...

That top Dover sole, nicely skinned and filleted, will be on our plates this evening!

Those wanting to check the corners etc etc will find a good number of full-size, straight-out-of-camera, JPGs over on Flickr, at...

Results seem plenty good enough for my needs.

It's a shame to see a few displaying rather more barrel-distortion than the lens already has at its wide end - but, overall, surprising good for something that only slightly larger and heavier than the little 12/32.

A keeper, as far as I'm concerned...


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