RX100 III vs Samsung S9+

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Re: RX100 III vs Samsung S9+

JohnnyLuddite wrote:

I have a Mk 1 and a mid-range smartphone, but don't use the smartphone camera much because I dislike the ergonomics and because I'm happy with making the choices which improve the shot to be what I want. Having a good carry system (on waist belt) means I have it with me, and it's great travelling/hiking.

One thing I would encourage is to view costs of photographic gear on an annualised basis, particularly since the lifetime of a smartphone is practically half that of a decent camera in my estimation. So instead of justifying a top-end smartphone to myself on the basis that it could do good photography, I've put the photographic money into a camera.

I think it depends where you want to go with photography, and what kind of use you want to put it to - prints? It's fine if you want to stick with the smartphone by the way!

This is great advice. My 'top end' camera was roughly the same price as my current smartphone, but I bought that camera 5 years ago. I've had the phone a year now and reckon I'll hold onto it for another year.

Because I've basically got a camera from a dead camera system there is no upgrade path so I'm kind of stuck with it unless I change systems. The good thing is that this camera is still plenty good enough for my needs.

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