external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

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Re: external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

mattspace wrote:

Don't forget, driving the 4k display is going to be more work on your laptop's elderly graphics card, and you photography software is probably going to have to generate larger previews,

Thanks for such a detailed response, but I'm using a 16 inch 2019 macbook pro to drive the monitor! (said that in the title, but should have repeated it in the body)

Sorry, I read the comparison to your 2012 in the message, and thought that was what you were referring to.

Any chance you could re-output any of that helpful info on scaling as it related to the native screen size of my very expensive and not elderly graphics card?

OK, your 16" MBP operates by default at a ~1.5x scaling ratio, Apple having changed the default "looks like" ratio on Macbook Pros in 2016 from a 2x scale to a 1.5x scale, to give the screen more "space" (make the UI elements smaller), without increasing the density or number of the pixels in the panel. People who are particularly sensitive to visual distraction, or who work in pixel-perfect mediaforms have generally complained about that, and that it necessitates setting the display's scaling to one step larger than default, making the display seem small in comparison.

So, that in mind, assuming you haven't changed the default "looks like" setting in your system prefs, you're already in the 1.5x world, though it might be a bit more noticeable just due to the physically larger size of the 27" display.

As for scaling in terms of the external compared to the built-in display, you're not likely to get an exact match in terms of how large UI elements are on the external, vs internal displays.

Your machine will probably cope with a 4k screen fine - though it will mean it's powering up the discreet GPU all the time (which it does for any external display). You may still have the storage issue to deal with - though your photo software may be generating previews for the 3072 x 1920 physical pixels of the screen, so that's not a huge range off 4k.

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