My thought process to determine my next, and hopefully last upgrade, for some time -

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My thought process to determine my next, and hopefully last upgrade, for some time -

I just thought it would be fun to share the process (like story time!) now that im fairly confident it's over. I won't buy for another month or so, maybe a bit sooner, but i HATE buyer's remorse so times like these i err on the side of caution. This is a hobby and i have a family so i only let myself spend so much every so often. With that said, here are some thoughts and bullet points.

I started looking at the M6II as im using an M50 and 3 EF lenses, but it didn't take long to realize it's missing some fairly modern features i've already been missing on my M50. I like using E shutter, i like to use it with bursts if need be (i shoot a lot of candid portraits), and since the M6Ii was the highest end Canon ML in my budget, well that meant no more Canon.

I do have 3 lenses still in MFT from former bodies i owned so that was an option. The one that stood out, the EM1.2, it has new life breathed into it with FW last year. Improved AF especially in video, amazing IBIS, great ergos, lots of buttons ect. And it can be had for under $800 used. Save the EM1.2 for later.

I marked off Sony for several reasons, colors, slow E shutter readout speeds. The only Nikon in my price range is the M50 but after body and lenses, even adapter plus F mount glass, it's just overpriced IMO. Not enough umph for the feature set i want and my budget. That leaves only Fuji...

The XT30 was the one calling my name. XT3 is great but a bit too steep used when i factor in needing glass too (even if it's just the $250 adapter for EF). XT2 and older models are not advanced enough. Below are a few bullet points comparing what i felt the XT30 offered in comparison to the EM1.2 in MFT. Keep in mind this is just what seems to appeal to my uses and is by no means an objective listing of good and bad.

EM1.II- $800 or less used

  • $250 less up front (won't need to buy an adapter for EF glass)
  • IBIS
  • Very fast sensor readout
  • 3 lenses at time of my purchase
  • Bigger EVF than XT30
  • Super rez mode
  • Larger grip, more buttons ect
  • Dual card slots
  • AF distance limiter

XT30 - $800 or less used

  • USB charging and powered during operation
  • Faster/better CAF
  • Faster burst rates of 20/30 fps with no blackout or freeze frames
  • Better eye/face AF
  • Better color output, especially in video with Eterna
  • 120p slowmo with eye/face AF
  • Tilting screen (i really don't like FAS)
  • Greater DOF control with larger sensor and available glass

So, as you can see there are quite a few points for each. Going back and forth can be maddening, it's so easy to get stuck in that analysis paralysis. I tried to sort of condense them to an average, and i concluded that much of the Olympus advantage was convenience but didn't necessarily translate into better looking photos. Larger grip, more buttons, larger EVF, dual card slots, i like these features but they don't have much direct connection to how the photos actually look.

The one that does is IBIS but on the other hand, there's a lot of instances where IBIS does absolutely nothing to improve IQ, using flash, daylight shooting, ect. The Fuji on the other hand, it's larger sensor and greater DOF control, it's AMAZING film simulations, those factor in to EVERY SHOT i will take. That just seemed more valuable. But..... There was one nagging issue i was very worried about and that's rolling shutter warping.

As i mention, i love shooting silently for many reasons but not if it distorts photos regularly, so i was weary of how the XT30 sensor readout speeds were and i had no luck finding an actual figure. But i did find THIS VIDEO where a guy shoots 30fps bursts of a dancer jumping through the air. I saw no noticeable warping (ie rolling shutter) and he didn't mention anything. Whew, that sealed the deal.

It was the one nagging issue i was worried about so TY to the guy who put that video up. Im super excited to get my XT30 and try out my EF glass and whatever else i acquire over time. I imagine my XT30 will suite my needs just fine for sometime, maybe till the XT5 is here the the XT4 drops in price a bit

Cheers and feel free to comment on whatever you like.

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