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Re: Olympus situation - my opinion

R Johns wrote:


May I ask, if you could only keep one of your two telephoto primes (Oly 300 f4 / Pany 200 f2.8), which would you chose and why?



Actually I made this choise recently. I chose Panasonic 200mm and sold 300mm. Recently I sold even 40-150 and here is why.

Based on my experiences, I would love to see 250mm/2.8 one day. I was too long with my 300mm many times and felt "pushed" to make only portrait style of some pictures. I prefer more space around the subject. I also noticed I use my 40-150 at the longest edge for most of times and crop a little bit (very close to 200mm view) . If other end was used, 40mm was most often choice for better context in photo (also covered by 12-100). Well, after 2 months of using 200mm I found it perfect for my future photography. Nothing say about image quality as I feel all mentioned lenses are fantastic. And now 150-400 is close to be released. I wish to have all of them but I have another 6 lenses already.

I have no space in my bag for 4 telelenses + 6 other lenses. The wieght of such equipment would be even worse than with my recent FF gear 😇

I made my decision based on the topics I would like to photograph in near future and also based on the rule that every piece of glass in my bag should give me some unique perspective with as less overlap as possible. I am pretty happy with the choice as I was with 300mm for over 3 years. 😉

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