Dangers of buying on Amazon!

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Re: Dangers of buying on Amazon!

scrup wrote:

(...)Treat packages like appointments. If you are expecting a package, be ready for it, especially if signature is not required.

I was home all day for the last two Amazon deliveries (over the last 6 months). However, both packages were put silently in front of my door. No one ever bothered to ring or knocked on the door.

Have a front door camera that covers the delivery area and street.

I have no security camera, but don't see how it would have helped anyway since according to you: "If Amazon delivered to the correct address, it's not their responsibility for the security of the house."

Have some large pot plants for the delivery guy to hide packages from plain sight.

I did have large objects (yard recycling bags) on the porch at the time of delivery. Yet the parcels were just laid well in sight from the street, righ in front of the door. I suppose they could have droped both parcels on the driveway from their truck while driving by, so I actually feel privileged, come to think of it.

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