external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

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Re: external monitor with 2019 mbp 2560 or 3840 res?

To add some context – both are 27" monitors, more or less.

  • Eizo CS2731 = 2560x1440 pixels, 109 ppi
  • Eizo CS2740 = 3840x2160 pixels, 164 ppi

Neither has the ppi of a 5K Retina iMac.  As for the LaCie 320, it has 1600x1200 pixels and a 20" diagonal.  That works out to 100 ppi.

Several guesses as to the cause of what you are seeing:

1. The LaCie 320 is wearing out.  Seems unlikely, given that photo viewing is fine.

2, The 16" rMBP display is spoiling you.

3. Changes in font rendering in recent versions of Mac OS X.  The method that works best for low-res displays is not the method that works best for high-res ones.  Your rMBP may have the advantage of high resolution and the "right" method (for it) while the LaCie 320 may now have the advantage of neither.



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